Aviditi 18186 Flat Corrugated Box

Vendor: Aviditi


Style:Standard Corrugated

  • DIMENSIONS: 18" Length x 18" Width x 6" Height Flat Corrugated Boxes, Pack of 20. Measurements refer to the inside dimensions. Each individual box weighs approximately 1.298 pounds.
  • APPLICATIONS: The smaller depths on these cartons provide an ideal fit for shallow products. These boxes are perfect for shipping apparel, books, picture frames, artwork, mirrors and clothing.
  • TOP QUALITY: Standard strength industrial Corrugated Boxes. These boxes are the industry standard. Proudly made in the USA
  • MATERIAL & STRENGTH: Boxes are manufactured from Single Wall 200#/ ECT-32 Kraft Corrugated. Recommended weight capacity is up to 65 pounds (guideline only, weight must be distributed evenly)
  • PACKAGING: Cartons are sold in bundle quantities and ship flat to save on storage space and shipping. These Corrugated Boxes are reusable and recyclable